Chat Etiquette - my vision.

I know you guys use chat a lot, i do, so here are some rules i think everybody should consider when doing it:
  1. Use your status message.
    • If you are not available, you are not available period! so show that in your status message.
  2. Respect other statuses.
    • read other people status messages and respect them. 
  3. Ask for attention.
    • Hey! there?
    • Can i bother you?
  4. Express how much time you need attention (Timebox it!).
    • ... have 5 minutes for me ...
    • ... this will take 10 minutes ...
  5. Say why you need them.
    • ... to talk about ...
  6. Use exclamation points.
    • "hey!" is better than "hey" believe me. 
  7. Dont ping somebody and just leave him without response (you are hanging out the freaking call in them moment they pick it up).
  8. Be short & precise in your messages
    • think about tweeting, 140 characters SEND.
  9. Wait for the answer
    • in other words, give time to respond
  10. If you have something long: email it!

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