How much i hate/love "php" (or any other language)

After reading a bunch of blog posts about how much people love or hate php / like or don't like php design (herehere, here, here), i start thinking that this happens to everybody with any language and dependes of "how much you kick ass" in that language.

When you start with any (new) language, usually, that relationship starts with a lot of love to give and receive... you start doing amazing stuff, and everything is like wonderland. But at some point in your discovery, you hit the "real shit":

welcome to the real world!!

time pass and bam! you are not a rookie anymore, you want to do your stuff the right way and your lovely language is not with you. You found really ugly things in your lovely language, and you start feeling...

full of hate!!!

But think about it.. you are an expert now, you have the knowledge, you have the expertise, you can show the community the light!.. so go and do it, HELP your lovely language, stop complaining...

So this is my opinion, you start hating it when you kick ass.. period! and thats cool!

I love php and i really hate php, and im willing to see its next iteration too. 

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  1. Maybe you could try a different language?

    Some degree of hate is allright, because no language is perfect, but you probably want to be working with better tools if what you use gives you that much frustration.